Following the successful opening in 2017, which revolved around the subject of limits, this year’s f² Fotofestival focuses yet again on a significant subject: justice. Ten exhibitions offer different perspectives on a common subject, accompanied by the critical and curious point of view of the photograph.


Justice is the core for human beings in all cultures to live together, and yet opinions differ widely on what justice means exactly. In order to discuss this matter, it is necessary to deal with the subject of equality. It is indisputable that all humans are equal, regardless of their class, origin, gender or skin color.

Different circumstances of life have to be considered just as well. As Karl Marx put it: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs!" In 1971, philosopher John Rawls set in motion a paradigm shift with his liberal theory. He stated that social and economic inequalities were ok if they worked "to the highest benefit of the least advantaged". This point of his theory of the difference principle remains controversial until today and points to the complexity of the subject as a whole.

It calls on our wealthy society to treat the issue of justice as a priority and to deal with it on different levels:

How can social commodities be distributed equally? Is everything just that complies with the law? How can justice be achieved on a global scale? And the question that has come up more recently: how can we achieve justice for future generations?


The organizer and coordinator of the festival is the Depot e. V. in cooperation with FREELENS e.V. (Professional Association of Photographers). The program of the festival is realized with a network of partners (exhibition places, universities) and sponsors.


For further information please contact the festival office.

Phone: ++49 (0)231 900806